Bizarre Cooking

The Bizarre Bazaar was an array of performers and creations. Music, dance, art, fashion and fire filled the rooms of the Studio known as 1212, the perfect space for such variety. Just down the street from the neighborhood shops, they can usually be found hosting smaller events of movies projected, live music, and hula hooping.

I was granted free rein of the kitchen and while the proceeds were to go towards nutritional education of students in Pisco, Peru I was showing the Plaza Midwood visitors the ways of quinoa and baguette french toast with strawberries.

I managed to sneak away for a peek at the fashion show by my favorite local vintage dresser, raw velvet and after feeding was done I was granted a lovely hulu hoop made by a local NC girl who thought to make it retractable but I just can’t put it down to figure that part out yet.

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