salad for lunch: easy, I promise.

Invite your friend over for lunch this week. They can bring the avocados and you’ll do the rest.

You know you want to eat more salads but keeping the makings handy and fresh escapes you and when you eat out there are other options persuading you away from the expensive plate of produce you never finish.

Well! Think about your favorite salad and make a list. Now go to the store and get your greens.

I like arugula, cucumbers, carrots (there is a trick to this one), tomatoes, strawberries, beets, lentils and tempeh!

Next if you don’t already have theses things in your kitchen you should…

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, flax seeds, lemons (if you keep one by your stove you will remember to use it for everything before the rest go bad!), your favorite cheese(mmm havarti), cumin, paprika, wine-bottle of red or white for the counter too.

Ok lunch time arrives and you’ve got your ingredients out. You are sandwich making, microwave re heating close to having a deliciously filling meal.

Start with your dressing, in a large bowl pour the base – olive oil. Then you will splash in some balsamic vinegar, wine and lemon juice. Add a dash of cumin and paprika and some mustard. It’s not an exact science, make it to taste and add the flavors you’re in the mood for or that come to mind from other dressings.

Chop up or grate the carrots first so that they can soak it in and then put your cucumbers in with some salt and pepper. Add the greens and other fruits and sprinkle on the flax seeds.

Put it on a plate and have your friend top it with the avocados, lentils, cheese, beets and a fried egg if she’s really special.

Is the sun shining yet? Pour a cup of tea or glass of wine and put that blanket in the front yard!

A picnic and a toast to a new lunch routine!

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